Case Study #4 – Gaining support and implementing a change initiative

Client Challenge

  • A young crown corporation needed to kick-start its efficient record keeping practices with a system that would be easy to use and promote consistent application across the organization.
  • Gain management support for the implementation of a records management system.

Our Role

  • To engage management and staff and obtain support for a proposed records management program.
  • To recommend and develop tools and processes that would enable staff to manage their information resources consistently and easily.


  • Achieved management support for the change initiative.
  • Client gained awareness about the value of records and information management as a contributor to the overall efficiency and productivity of organizational business processes.
  • Client received all necessary tools to enable implementation and ongoing maintenance of their records management program including a classification and retention schedule, an implemented electronic records management system, and relevant training and reference materials to support the program.
Through Mary’s leadership, guidance, and expertise, she gained the necessary ‘buy-in’ from all staff (line to management) and was able to change perceptions through awareness and increased the level of importance of this critical function.
Marlena Buckley
Manager, Tourism British Columbia

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