Are you a team player?

  1. I enjoy working collaboratively with others.

  2. I believe that problems within teams can help teams bond and work better in the long run.

  3. I believe that each team member must know how to solve problems.

  4. I believe that the best teams are cross-functional, i.e., members are selected from different areas of the organization.

  5. I produce the best results when my organization trusts me to do whatever is necessary within the project scope.

  6. If I am the leader of a team, the best way to get great results from my team is to get out of their way.

  7. I embrace the “plan-do-check/study-act” model for team problem-solving.

  8. I believe that brainstorming is an effective way to define problems.

  9. I believe that completed projects must always be followed by a team celebration.

  10. I think that sharing of information among team members is crucial to effectiveness.