Are you adding value to your organization?

  1. I view my job description as the minimum amount of work that I am required to perform.

  2. Even if my office is not organized across functions, I will eagerly assist a colleague in another department if asked.

  3. When dealing with customers, I try to think of myself as the customer so that I provide the best possible service.

  4. If I notice something that is not adding value to our customers, I alert management so that it can be corrected.

  5. I believe that value is anything for which my customer is willing to pay and I perform my job accordingly.

  6. I believe that getting multiple signatures on documents is a non-value added activity.

  7. I organize my work based on priority and the value of the work in the eyes of my customer.

  8. Even if I do not deal with external customers, I have internal customers for whom my work must provide value.

  9. I believe that visual queues in my workplace add value by improving efficiency.

  10. Ensuring a clean and organized workstation helps me with efficiency and is therefore of value to my customer.