Are you an e-mail junkie?

  1. As soon as e-mail arrives, I drop what I’m doing and check my e-mail inbox.

  2. I believe that by using e-mail filters to send specific e-mail to my trash or spam folder, I’ll miss important e-mail.

  3. I keep my e-mail open all day.

  4. I check my e-mail during my most productive time of day.

  5. I save all e-mail attachments with the original e-mail.

  6. I hardly ever delete e-mail – usually only if directed to do so by my IT department to free up space.

  7. I typically read e-mails in my inbox starting from the bottom, just so I don’t miss anything.

  8. I usually keep all e-mail in my inbox, even if I’ve read it and responded to it.

  9. I believe that e-mail is not only for routine messages, but it can be just as effective for important and urgent matters.

  10. If I don’t have new e-mail to read, then I’ll sometimes send an e-mail to a friend.