Are you managing your records and information resources efficiently?

  1. It usually takes me less than one minute to find a file in my office’s central files.

  2. It is easy for me to find electronic documents on my office’s local area network (LAN), even those documents that I did not create.

  3. I always destroy draft versions of correspondence after the draft is approved.

  4. I follow my office’s records retention schedule when disposing of records.

  5. It is easy for me to retrieve my office’s semi-active records if I need them for an active project.

  6. I understand and follow my office’s records management procedures.

  7. I regularly save e-mail records to my office’s LAN and delete the record from my e-mail personal folders.

  8. I know which records/subjects fall under my department’s responsibility.

  9. It is easy to retrieve all records, across the entire organization, relating to one subject.

  10. Correspondence leaving our organization is always consistent, for example, with respect to logo and address placement and signature styles.