Are you project savvy?

  1. I understand project management principles.

  2. The project charter is a requirement for any project.

  3. Every project must have at least a process owner, a project leader, and a project manager.

  4. The project scope is crucial in every project.

  5. When I prepare a project charter, I ensure that the organization understands how the project fits with the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

  6. When working on a project, whether I am a lead or team member, I ensure that project goals meet “SMART” criteria.

  7. Every project charter must have a business case that identifies the costs of the current process.

  8. The best project teams include members from different functional units across the organization.

  9. It is important for project success to identify and include all stakeholders in projects.

  10. The Project Champion must agree to and sign the project charter before the project begins.