Do you have work-life balance?

  1. I have difficulty sticking to a regular exercise routine because I’m so busy.

  2. My work meeting schedule is usually full or overbooked.

  3. My office space is cluttered with work that I have to complete.

  4. I usually don’t have a lot of time to visit with friends either on weekdays or weekends.

  5. My staff keeps me busy in between meetings because they rely on me for a lot of decisions.

  6. When I’m on vacation, I feel guilty about using my iPhone or BlackBerry to answer work-related emails.

  7. I have noticed that I tend to sleep less because I have so much to do either at home or at work.

  8. I usually stay at the office long after everyone else has gone home.

  9. My spouse/partner seems a bit more distant these days.

  10. I find that I am not as patient as I used to be.