Is your office efficient?

  1. My personal workspace is always free and clear of any visible clutter including scattered paperwork.

  2. I have a separate area assigned in my office for incoming hardcopy documents.

  3. I have a separate area assigned in my office for outgoing work that I have completed.

  4. Office supplies that I use on a daily basis (such as my stapler and pens) are contained on my desk within arm’s reach.

  5. My desk is positioned to help me avoid distractions such as someone walking by my office.

  6. I am right-handed, so I keep my telephone on the left side of my working area.

  7. Items that I use rarely such as the paper cutter are kept in a central supply area in the office.

  8. The file cabinet in my office contains only current working files. All other organizational files are stored in the central filing area.

  9. The only paperwork that I keep on my desk is related to the project on which I am currently working.

  10. At the end of the business day, I clear off my desk of any paperwork.