Mary’s World

Anyone having the good fortune of Mary providing her management consulting skills for a project within their organization will not be disappointed with the results.

Welcome. My name is Mary Colak. I specialize in efficiency and productivity improvement for organizations. I am passionate about what I do – those who know me would say I’m very organized and in control of my time. I love to create order where no order appears to exist, streamline processes where streamlining seems impossible, and generally provide individuals and businesses with a new found sense of efficiency, leaving them in a much improved state than they were in before I got there.

Clients love my analytical and research ability as well as my “uber” organized style. I can spot inefficiencies almost immediately and come up with solutions that are practical, helpful, and when implemented, provide desired results for my clients.

I am comfortable working with individuals at all levels of an organization. Each person has a unique view of the organization’s situation and listening to all levels helps me see the big picture more clearly. Whether it’s planning strategy for a records and information management program or analyzing workflow or putting together pieces of an analytical report, it’s the input from all levels of the organization that enable a superb outcome for my client.

I am dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for my clients. My creative and innate talents, as well as my many years of experience both in the trenches and in the boardroom, are gifts that I always bring with me to any assignment. These are in addition to my formal training in psychology, public administration, English, teaching, Lean Six Sigma, and management consulting.

I’m happy that you have taken the time to visit my website. Please have a look around. I’m very proud of it and thank Chad Barr and his team for doing a fantastic job in putting all the pieces together. While you’re here, please sign up for my Extreme Profits newsletter and visit my blog, “Mary’s Blog – Powering Productivity.”  I plan to have much more information here in the coming months, so please visit often.

In the meantime, if any of the information on my website resonates with you, please contact me to discuss your organization’s situation. It is my sincere desire to help your organization be efficient, productive and profitable, and at the same time, help you decrease your stress.