Simplicity is Key

Creative accounting. Insider trading. Financial fraud. Ever wonder why (or how) such corporate problems have become a part of our culture? I think it’s because corporations have lost sight of the importance of maintaining an efficient workplace.

The bigger an organization gets, the bigger and more complicated its systems (and technology), the faster (or maybe slower) their service/product output, and all in the name of providing more, faster, bigger to the client. But more, faster, and bigger promises, products and services do not always result in better.

Our corporate cultures have become entrenched with the need to keep up with the competition, but in doing so, they have lost their innocence and their simplicity. When the focus is only on more, faster and bigger to hurry up and make money, the organization’s efficiency and productivity can suffer. If efficiency and productivity suffer, so do profits.

An organization can keep up or beat the competition by first focusing on the efficiency of its operations. Efficiency enables an organization to be more productive, thereby enabling transparency and accountability to its clients, to its employees and to itself. What this equates to is trust and when clients trust an organization, profits are bound to go up. It’s really about getting down to basics – the simplicity of how we do our work.



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