Working with executives and key staff, Mary did an excellent job of quickly identifying our key requirements and recommending a comprehensive yet specific series of actions to address our major challenges.


Consulting services is at the core of our business. Working with our clients, we develop strategies and techniques for improving performance, streamlining operations, and implementing sustainable change initiatives.

Performance improvement

We improve the performance of client organizations by working collaboratively with our clients to:

  • Set performance objectives and gain buy-in
  • Plan projects and initiatives that produce expected and realistic goals and outcomes
  • Design and implement new processes that enhance organizational performance
  • Design and implement new organizational structures to support improved performance
  • Provide training and skill transfer that enable continued organizational success

Streamline operations

We help our clients maximize their business competitiveness by streamlining their operations. This includes:

  • Reducing waste
  • Empowering employees
  • Consolidating software and applications
  • Identifying other areas for potential streamlining

Sustainable change initiatives

We help our clients to enable sustainable change. Using Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model, we work collaboratively with our clients to:

  • Identify necessary change
  • Create energy for change
  • Accelerate change
  • Sustain change
  • Enable work-life success during and after change


We work with executives to help them become world class leaders. We work with teams to help them get over obstacles and resolve conflict. We work with individuals to help them develop skills and habits that enable them to be their very best. Through collaboration, communication and coaching, we work with clients seeking improvement by helping them build the skills they need to achieve high performance and reach their goals.


We work with individuals at all levels of an organization to teach them new or better methods for managing their time and work processes. Through collaboration with our client, we show them how to build effective systems that empower them to better handle their responsibilities to their employer and be more productive as a result.


Education complements consulting and enables our clients to continue to use newly implemented tools and processes long after the consulting engagement has ended. We provide our clients with customized training including “train-the-trainer” education. Through this skill transfer, clients are assured ongoing success of newly implemented projects.


While we enjoy speaking at conferences and events, we especially enjoy speaking with your employees to share our knowledge and wisdom about organizational productivity. The benefits of speaking go both ways – not only do we share our knowledge with our clients, but we also learn from them by listening to their questions and concerns. Through our educational and speaking engagements, we help motivate our audience into action to improve their business, become more productive, or simply to gain more confidence.