Consulting – Records management

…I was very impressed with Mary’s analytical approach to records management and critical eye for business requirements.

We help our clients design and implement effective records and information management programs to support their business operations. Through phased management consulting from diagnosis and analysis to action planning and implementation, we help our clients create appropriate solutions for the management of their records and information resources.

Solutions are as unique as our clients and may include records classification systems, records retention schedules, policies, procedures, records management training and programs, records management program audits, physical relocation and/or purge of records holdings, equipment and supplies standards and recommendations, or other needs. Sometimes a detailed study with recommendations together with an action plan and implementation plan may be just the answer that is needed to kick-start the client’s records management program.

Implemented records management programs provide benefits to our clients such as:

  • Compliance with government legislation (through authorized records retention schedules)
  • Reduced costs of litigation discovery and exposure (through authorized records destruction)
  • Reduced costs of physical and electronic records storage (through gains in office space, computer space, filing equipment, supplies)
  • Improved staff productivity (through improved processes leading to efficient filing and information retrieval)

In addition to records management consulting services, MNC Consulting Group offers a full records management training program.

If your organization is undecided about implementing a records management program, here are some short videos prepared by the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) that will help your organization to reflect on excuses for not having a records management program.

Reason 1 – We can usually find the information

Reason 2 – Nobody will ever sue us

Reason 3 – We’ve got to pick our battles

Reason 4 – Green / schmeen

Reason 5 – It’s good for staff to be busy

Reason 6 – It’s easier to just get everyone together in person

Reason 7 – Our business isn’t located in a flood plain or anything

Reason 8 – Information security isn’t at the top of our list

Reason 9 – Change is expensive

Reason 10 – This information management stuff is just too squishy