I found Mary to be very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining details about the system to all staff. In addition, Mary’s tact and diplomacy in dealing with different personalities in a large corporate environment is a tremendous asset to the successful completion of a project of magnitude…

Training goes hand-in-hand with any new processes, systems or tools and methodologies introduced into a client’s business. Training is the “prevention” that smart organizations apply to ensure a successful business.

While experience certainly counts, training molds our experiences and puts into perspective that which we have discovered on our own. Training ensures that we cover all the bases.

We provide our clients with both standard and custom training packages. Packages may include learner guides, instructor guides and when requested, train-the-trainer guides. All training packages include complete ancillary materials such as PowerPoint presentations and class handouts.

The following in-house and classroom-based courses are currently offered:

Records and Information Management

Course Name
Introduction to Records and Information Management
Using ARCS and ORCS
Converting Your File System
Preparing Records for Offsite Storage
Effective E-mail Management
Designing Records Classification Systems
Planning and Implementing Your RIM Program

For those that prefer to train in the comfort of their own home or office at a time convenient to them, we also offer online e-learning. Our current e-learning offerings include:

Lean Six Sigma

Course Name
Lean Six Sigma White Belt – An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Principles
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Leading Implementation Projects

If the above training does not meet your needs, please contact Mary to discuss customized training to suit your organization’s needs.

Featured client testimonials:

Would recommend this course to others.
Isabella S.H. Dobbie, BC Government
Excellent course – learned a lot … many thanks for an informative course, Mary.
Sheila Kowalewsky, BC Government
Mary was very well prepared, a confident speaker and open to related discussion. I feel that her services would be a major asset to our company and plan to use this information to all of its advantages.
participant in the “Records and Information Management Basics” course
Informative, well presented, comfortable atmosphere, good facility… handouts and material will be extremely useful.
Maggie Salviati, BC Lottery Corporation
I really enjoyed your course. I always thought ARCS/ORCS would have been boring to learn, but you have made this very interesting and fun. Thank you.
participant in “Using ARCS and ORCS” course