Converting Your File System

This one-day course provides the participant with hands-on experience in converting files from an existing filing system to a system that uses the ARCS/ORCS, LGMA or BASCS records classification system.

Prerequisite: Understanding of the structure and how to use functional-subject based classification systems such as ARCS/ORCS, BASCS, or the LGMA Records Classification System. See RIM 103 Using ARCS and ORCS for more information.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to tell if your organization is required to use BASCS, ARCS/ORCS and/or the LGMA Records Classification System.
  • How to determine if your organization has an approved records classification system.
  • The necessary “pre-steps” to ensure that a records conversion does not go sideways!
  • How to conduct a “purge party.”
  • The pros and cons of day forward and backfile conversions and determining which method is best for your organization.
  • How to determine which file equipment is best for your records.
  • How to prepare file equipment.
  • How to code files.
  • How to enter data about old files to ensure ease of cross-referencing between old and new systems.
  • How to prepare file folders.
  • How to prepare file labels.
  • The most appropriate and cost-effective file supplies.
  • How to transfer old file contents to new files.
  • The importance of arranging electronic documents in addition to hardcopy records.

Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for administrative support staff that has direct responsibility for converting old filing systems to new filing systems that use ARCS/ORCS, LGMA or the BASCS records classification system.

Jobs Affected (Competencies Addressed)
All jobs within the administration unit of an organization.
All jobs that require the ability to classify and analyze file contents.

Instructional Approach
Lecture, discussion, hands-on individual and group exercise(s).

Course Cost

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