Effective E-mail Management

This one day course provides the participant with practical advice on e-mail communication and how e-mail uses and misuses can affect the entire organization. When e-mail is used correctly, it can be a powerful communication tool that provides convenience and links the organization. When it is used incorrectly, e-mail can become part of the problem that it’s meant to cure.

What You’ll Learn:

  • E-mail best practices.
  • How to write effective business e-mail.
  • How to categorize business e-mail to minimize computer storage space.
  • The importance of purging e-mail messages regularly.
  • Legal and compliance issues relating to e-mail.
  • E-discovery.
  • The importance of applying the records retention schedule to e-mail.
  • Your role and responsibilities relating to e-mail.
  • Information security relating to e-mail.
  • Expectation of personal privacy for business e-mail.
  • “X” mail.

Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for everyone who uses e-mail.

Jobs Affected (Competencies Addressed)
All jobs that require the ability to prepare effective business communication using e-mail.

Instructional Approach
Lecture, discussion, individual and group exercise(s), video.

Course Cost

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