Introduction to Records and Information Management

This one-day course provides an overview of Records and Information Management (RIM) principles and highlights RIM as a management tool for the proper creation and administration of information. It also provides a solid introduction to the essential administrative and operational records classification systems (e.g., LGMA, ARCS/ORCS).

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value and importance of a RIM program and its purpose in your organization.
  • The main elements of a RIM program – the record and its lifecycle.
  • The role of standards in the development of a RIM program.
  • Your role and responsibilities in your organization’s RIM program.
  • How records management software can help in the development and maintenance of a RIM program.
  • The difference between records management systems and electronic document management systems.
  • The difference between useful, important and vital records and their relevance in your RIM program.
  • How a sound RIM program can improve your organization’s knowledge management.
  • How a sound RIM program can improve your organization’s compliance with privacy legislation (i.e., Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act )
  • How to minimize labour costs associated with your RIM program
  • How to apply records classification systems to all media.
  • How to save documents on your LAN in order to ensure timely retrieval and optimal use of storage resources.
  • How to manage your email by applying RIM concepts.
  • The risks of not having a RIM program.
  • How to maximize your RIM program’s success.

Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for administrative support staff and others seeking to improve their current records management practices. In addition, this course will be of interest to Directors, Managers, Supervisors and other Executives who would like to learn how to maximize the benefits of their existing RIM program (for example, learn how to organize information for fast and efficient retrieval).

Jobs Affected (Competencies Addressed)
All jobs within the administration unit of an organization.
All jobs that require the ability to file and/or retrieve information.

Instructional Approach
Video, lecture, discussion, individual and group exercise(s).

Course Cost

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