eRIM101: Introduction to Records and Information Management

This online one hour course provides an overview of Records and Information Management (RIM) principles and highlights RIM as a management tool for the proper creation and administration of information.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value and importance of a RIM program and its purpose in your organization.
  • The main elements of a RIM program – the record and its lifecycle.
  • The role of standards in the development of a RIM program.
  • How records management software can help in the development and maintenance of a RIM program.
  • The difference between records management systems and electronic document management systems.
  • The difference between useful, important and vital records and their relevance in your RIM program.
  • How a sound RIM program can improve your organization’s knowledge management.
  • How a sound RIM program can improve your organization’s compliance with privacy legislation (i.e., Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act )
  • How to minimize labour costs associated with your RIM program
  • The risks of not having a RIM program.
  • How to maximize your RIM program’s success.

Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for anyone interested in the basics of records and information management. The course is also a prerequisite to all other courses in this series.

Course Cost:

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