Using ARCS and ORCS

This one-day course provides the participant with hands-on experience in using functional subject-based classification systems such as BASCS, ARCS/ORCS and the LGMA Records Classification System.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to tell if your organization is required to use the BASCS, ARCS/ORCS or LGMA records classification systems.
  • The applicability of the Document Disposal Act to your organization’s records.
  • The role of the records lifecycle in records and information management.
  • How to read BASCS, ARCS/ORCS and/or LGMA.
  • How to classify records using BASCS, ARCS/ORCS and/or LGMA.
  • The importance of the records schedule.
  • How to locate files that were classified using BASCS, ARCS/ORCS and/or the LGMA.

Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for administrative support staff who have direct responsibility for classifying records into the ARCS/ORCS, LGMA or BASCS records classification systems. This course will also benefit those who are seeking to improve their records classification knowledge.

Jobs Affected (Competencies Addressed)
All jobs within the administration unit of an organization.
All jobs that require the ability to classify records to ARCS/ORCS, LGMA or BASCS.

Instructional Approach
Lecture, discussion, hands-on individual and group exercise(s).

Course Cost

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