One of the key things that Mary helped me with was to “downsize” my office clutter and remove items that were not adding value to my job efficiency. I also learned to separate items that belonged in my office from those that belonged at home.

Sometimes coaching sessions are not required to produce the results a client needs. A mentor program may be just as, if not more, valuable than coaching in some instances.

The difference between coaching and mentoring is that in coaching, we facilitate the client to achieve a specific personal or professional result. Through questions and challenges posed to the client, the client gradually works through possible solutions to determine a quality solution to his/her problem. Mentoring, on the other hand, is more instructional in nature. The client asks the questions and we provide the knowledge necessary to resolve a problem.

MNC Consulting Group provides mentor programs specific to helping clients improve their efficiency and productivity in areas such as email management, records and information management, time management, and workflow management, but can include other “how-to’s” relating to administration and operational functions.

We have two levels of programs from which clients can choose:

  1. Three (3) months of unlimited access (by phone or email). The fee for this program is $3,500.
  2. Six (6) months of unlimited access (by phone or email). The fee for this program is $5,000.

Register for the program here:

program level

In addition to the two standard mentor program levels, we can also provide you with individualized service to suit your budget and your needs. Contact Mary to discuss.