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January 2012
The Efficient Organization
New Pencils

Do One New Thing Each Day


There is something mystical about a new year. It's as if we're given a chance to start over. At the very least, it allows us to reflect on what went well for us during the past year and what we could do to improve our chances of success in the coming year. So this new year, why not improve both your happiness and efficiency?


In previous newsletters and articles, I discussed the advantage of keeping lists. And at this juncture of the old year meeting new, I am once again going to tell you about the importance of lists. Lists not only keep us on track and help prevent multitasking, but if you allow your priority list to guide you to accomplish one new thing each day five days a week, in 50 weeks, you will accomplish 250 new things. Think about that for a moment and then tell me that is not an impressive feat by any measure!


Lists enable us to be happy and efficient because they allow us to focus on one thing at a time. Leaders and employees who don't use lists may think they're being efficient, but what they're being is burned out. Burned out leaders and employees do not make happy or efficient leaders and employees.


In 2012, commit to be happy and efficient. Use lists to enable a better focus and to accomplish 250 new things this year. That's one new thing each working day. That's how successful leaders, employees and organizations operate. 

Pursuit of Profit


Profit from Attitude


When WestJet started out in 1996, it was dubbed as the 'fun' airline. Their staff was friendly, their service was efficient, and I always felt comfortable despite the 3-seat configuration seating (who doesn't prefer 2-seat configurations?). The airline was a hit with customers all over western Canada and it skyrocketed to new heights in customer service, its profits soaring. There were several reasons for WestJet's formidable placement in the airline industry. One of those reasons included the attitude of its employees.


Attitudes are interesting. They are not inherited nor are they learned. They are acquired. And they are contagious. Companies with unhappy employees will breed more unhappy employees. Unhappy employees provide poor customer service. Poor customer service translates to customers that don't come back. And neither do the profits. Attitudes can make or break a company.


In the case of WestJet, their employees knew what they stood to gain if the company became profitable - better bonuses and company benefits. So it should be with any organization. Tell your employees how much they will gain if the company is profitable. Is there a relationship between corporate profits and compensation to the employee? What about corporate profits and benefits to the employee? You need to be listening to your employees through their "WII-FM" station (i.e., "What's In It For Me") if your organization is to be successful.


It is no secret that without profits, a private organization will cease to exist and its employees will be out of work. Public sector organizations and not-for-profit organizations aren't in the business of profits, but their output also relies on superb customer service, so there is still a relationship between employee attitudes and the organization's outputs for continuing growth.


If your company's profits are faltering, measure your employees' happiness at work. Tune in to their WII-FM station to learn how to adjust their attitudes are affecting your organization's success.

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)

In the good old days, it was cool to be able to multitask, especially for women, because we usually had the bulk of the work in managing home, children and work. Multitasking was the "way." But multitasking isn't cool anymore. It leads to burn out and unhappiness. And it's definitely not efficient. Thank goodness the good old days are behind us and that we've learned to preserve our brain cells by focusing on one task at a time. IMHO.


"Never continue in a job that you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined." 

Johnny Carson


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